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Our guidlines concerning contact with our customers is to, as far as possible , satisfy their demands by being a good cooperative partner.

JF&WR Industri AB is a family owned company, which in 1989 began production at the old foundry in Hälleforsnäs. It was started by two of the present owners, Wille and Eva-Britt Zazis. In 1998, the company moved to its own facilities in Flenmo. Today, Wille and Eva-Britt’s sons Niclas and Henric also own part of the company.

We work all over the world with import and export of piping products. About 50% of our own production stays within Sweden, the rest of the production is exported to different European countries and to Canada. In Norway we are leading supplier in the fitting market, and the latest market we have started working in is the Baltic market, where we see great future potential.

F&WR Industri AB has a lot of experience, and we wish to uphold that our clients’ demands in quality and requests are well satisfied. We have good knowledge within our working area, and most often we find solution to emerging problems. Among our products we especially wish to mention is a valve, especially produced for the Swedish Civil Administration Aviation at Arlanda, the main airport in Stockholm,, and a cover to protect the valve system NEMO of AGA, 
a product we are alone in the world to manufacture.